Did Tesla deploy 500,000 solar Roofs And Panels installations ?

Today, Tesla revealed that it has installed more than 500,000 solar roofs and panels.

The installed solar capacity is 4 GW.

In 2016, Tesla acquired SolarCity, establishing its solar business.

Since the takeover, the company has been on a serious downward trend, but recently it has begun to improve.

Tesla has had a couple record quarters in the US home solar market despite

some supply challenges in the solar business early this year.

Tesla revealed today that it has now finished more than 500,000 solar systems overall:

The business also acknowledged the deployment of 4 GW of solar energy,

which indicates that its installations typically have an 8 kW capacity.

Tesla has recently depended more and more on independent installers to put its home energy devices into use.

Tesla is gradually shifting from supervising the installation to more of a supplier with

the aim of controlling the home energy environment with devices like the Powerwall.