Did Tesla reveal a smaller two-door Cybertruck?

Tesla revealed the design of a more compact two-door Cybertruck has the Tesla blogosphere ablaze today

Musk began speculating about shrinking the electric pickup such that

it could fit into a standard garage not long after the Cybertruck prototype was unveiled in 2019.

When the CEO of Cybertruck was questioned in 2020 about the greatest differences between -

the final product and the prototype, he said that Tesla "reduced the size by 3%," "made the center line more level,"-

and "lowered the window sill height." Nevertheless, it is said that as soon as Tesla finished the design,

those intentions were abandoned. Musk suggested a potential smaller vehicle in a later iteration.

Several publications claim that Tesla may have disclosed the design for a 2-door Cybertruck based on this tweet.

The drawing's design is quite similar to the first Cybertruck prototype.