Do Semi-Trucks Have Cruise Control?

Most semi trucks actually do have a cruise control, which helps drivers to lessen the fatigue of a long trip by simulating how humans drive.

For now, truck drivers reap the benefits of cruise control, making life slightly easier every mile they travel.

Cruise control allows them to avoid having to keep a foot on the accelerator, controlling speed each and every minute of their journey.

It is just a little step up from lanes for assisted/adaptive cruise control, since self-driving semi trucks need no human input whatsoever.

Freightliners adaptive cruise control works similar to a feature found on passenger cars, a driver sets the speed,

and his new Freightliner Cascadia will travel at that setting until it is passed by a slower car.

Its Freightliner Cascadia class-8 semi-trucks have been equipped with adaptive cruise before,

but now technology can stop the truck completely and stop in a two-second interval, then restart after a leading vehicle.

Applying it could massively destabilize the truck, possibly leading to a wreck, so it is necessary to hit the cruise-control switch,

which will then slowly help your truck get to a manageable speed.

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Multiple Blue Rings

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