Do Tesla Cars Need Maintenance Like Regular Gas Cars?

Let us take a look at key differences in maintaining a gas-powered vehicle as opposed to an electric one.

What is impressive is the  fact that a Tesla Supercharger station is located only 60 miles away from Everest.

For those who are looking at this and wondering why we are comparing an automakers Tesla versus the newest Toyota Camry,

 that is because we are comparing the currently hottest Tesla against an established fuel-efficient car.

Automakers offer warranties on batteries and electric components in electric cars, as they do with every other vehicle.

 The batteries and the non-maintenance-intensive EVs take the place of the engines,

fuel systems, and transmissions of gas-powered cars--the parts that are the sources of most maintenance needs.

 Because PEVs have both a gas-powered and an electric motor, we can expect to see similar maintenance costs as pure gas-powered cars.

While EVs undoubtedly offer lower maintenance costs and better insulation from fluctuations in energy prices than traditional,

 gas-powered cars, it is just inaccurate to claim EVs are without maintenance.

 Because Teslas are EVs, many standard maintenance services are unnecessary, such as oil changes, spark plug replacements, fuel filter changes, or emissions checks.