Do You Have To Pay For Tesla Infotainment?

In somewhat of an odd move, Tesla has updated its infotainment update price for Model S/X owners.

 The infotainment update price for Model S/X owners, making it costlier for some owners.

Last year, Tesla started offering an official $2500 Infotainment Upgrade for replacing the media units within older Model S and Model X cars.

so owners could get access to new features such as the Tesla Theatre, as well as a more responsive central display.

According to Tesla, any Model S or Model X car built in March 2018 or earlier is eligible for an infotainment upgrade,

Which costs $1,750 to $2,250 depending on the computer version of its Driver Assistance System.

Tesla Model S sedan and Model X crossover owners who purchased prior to 2018 The infotainment screens on their vehicles.

 They are now upgradable at just $1,500  down from $2,500 last month, according to Tesla.

 The infotainment screens for rear passengers are not the only new upgrades coming to 2023 Model X and Tesla Model S,

but, as we mentioned, they are very welcome upgrades.

The radio upgrade costs another $500, plus applicable taxes, and there is no difference in pricing whether ...

you get the radio and infotainment upgrades installed separately or together.