Do You Know These Key Points Of  Tesla Destination Charging Network  ?

Over 35,000 Tesla Wall Connectors are already present at Destination Charging locations across the world.

It describes AC fast charging, which is quicker than Wallbox chargers used at home but

slower than DC fast chargers found at Tesla Supercharger locations.

The position of these chargers is what sets these two apart in addition to charging speed.

Usually found along highways, DC fast chargers allow users to swiftly top off their batteries as they pause to grab a bite to eat.

Gaining as much range as possible will enable comfortable travel to the destination.

The Destination Charging network, on the other hand, is typically located in

metropolitan public spaces like dining establishments, theaters, parking lots, office buildings, malls, etc.

These are designed to provide AC charging for EV owners who are idle.

For instance, you could plug your EV in one of these Destination Chargers if

you needed to run a few errands at a mall that would take you a few hours.

Depending on the EV model, one may theoretically reach a range of 50–60 miles in a few hours.