Does My Tesla Model 3 Have Version 3 Autopilot Hardware?

Tesla says that its new Autopilot hardware, Model 3, will be required to deliver on features promised in

the Tesla full Self-Driving Capability Package. Tesla announced on Wednesday that all its cars going forward,

including Model 3, would come equipped with hardware that will allow this. Tesla said all new vehicles will be

equipped from October 2016 with the sensor and computing hardware needed, known as Hardware Version 2 (HW2), for

full self-driving in the future. The new hardware is a direct replacement of Nvidias Full Self-Driving Computer,

which Tesla uses in HW2 and HW2.5 equipped Tesla vehicles.

It is possible that a Tesla could have the hardware to have an Enhanced Autopilot or the Full Self-Driving Computer,

but that these features would be non-functional because of software not being paid for.

The differences are in what autopilot hardware is installed on a Tesla car, what software options are active, and the resulting range of possible features.

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