Does Tesla Bot Have Potential To Replace The Majority Of Physical Labor?

Elon Musk gave an update about the Tesla Bot, a forthcoming Teslas project to create a humanoid android

and said that he believes the Tesla Bot could address a problem of worker shortages.

The humanoid robot is designed to be friendly, said CEO Elon Musk

and is designed to take over hazardous, repetitive, boring tasks otherwise done by humans.

When he announced his upcoming humanoid robots at last years AI Day

Musk said that robots would take dangerous, tedious, repetitive tasks away from humans.

Teslas Bots will also alleviate the shortage of workers because of the substantial decline in birthrates

a problem that is going to be problematic going forward, Elon Musk said.

Tesla Bot will be able to perform tasks that are extremely difficult and demanding for a robot like

following orders to pick up a bolt and secure it with a wrench on the machine, CEO Elon Musk said.