Does Tesla Not Allow High Speeds On Autopilot Mode?

Tesla To Increase Maximum Autopilot Speed Beyond 80 MPH In 2021,

 Tesla began switching its vehicles over to the Tesla Vision, which is an autonomous system guided by cameras.

 In the latest update, Tesla appears to have tweaked Autopilot so that its cars will accurately follow speed limits when using Autosteer on public roads and unshared highways.

Tesla has started pushing out a new software update that raises Autopilots maximum top speed limit to 85 miles per hour on vehicles equipped with Tesla Vision.

In the new release, Tesla is again allowing Autopilot to travel up to 5 miles per hour above posted speeds,

but it is also monitoring traffic conditions more carefully.

Prior to Teslas latest update of its Autopilot, Teslas Autopilot allowed owners to configure the system to let their vehicles travel as fast as 5mph.

Once you press the Speed Limit icon, Teslas Autopilot will automatically begin to reduce your vehicles speed to a consistent 65 mph.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that up to 416,000 Model 3 and Model Y Tesla vehicles may have braked unexpectedly when using Autopilot.

 Autopilot is a high-level system of assisted driving technologies, and Full Self-Driving is the mode of future Tesla models, which would help Autopilot become even more self-driving.

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