Does Tesla's Autopilot Correctly Use Turn Signals?

According to Tesla, once the car's Navigate On Autopilot feature is activated, drivers will no longer need to consent to lane changes.

According to Tesla, users should opt-in by selecting Navigate for Autopilot.

altering the default configuration that necessitates the driver's approval of a lane change by depressing the turn signal stalk.

According to Tesla, users of its automated lane-change feature have conducted millions of automated lane changes over the course of millions of miles.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, revealed that a new system would soon be able to identify surrounding emergency flashing lights or turning signals.

so that Tesla's Autopilot technology could detect all current and impending incidents on the road.

Some visuals also show the automobiles in front of and behind the Model 3 when a new red light is detected by Tesla's Autopilot.

It shows a red bar on the screen that indicates where Tesla's Model 3 will stop.

The car directly behind has only momentarily activated its turn signal before attempting to pass Tesla's Autopilot by moving into the next lane.

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