Does Tesla'S Autopilot Use Turn Signals Properly?

Tesla announced that drivers would no longer need to approve changes in lanes while the cars Navigate On Autopilot system is engaged.

Tesla said drivers should choose to use the system by selecting Navigate for Autopilot,

 replacing a default setting that requires a driver to approve a lane change by pushing a turn signal stalk.

Teslas told The Post that drivers have logged millions of miles using Teslas automated lane-change function, and completed millions of automated lane changes.

Teslas CEO, Elon Musk, announced a new system soon could detect turning signals, or even emergency flashing lights, nearby,

so Teslas Autopilot system could pick up all the ongoing and imminent events on the road.

Some graphics even identify cars on either side and ahead of Model 3, and when Teslas Autopilot detects a new red light,

it displays a red bar on screen, showing where Teslas Model 3 will pull over.

The car directly behind has only had its turn signal turned on briefly, then moves into the next lane and attempts to get past Teslas Autopilot.

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