Does Tesla'S Electric Cybertruck Have A Safe Crush Zone ?

Some have expressed concerns that Teslas unique materials and construction may make the Cybertruck an unsafe vehicle.

The Autopilot system is designed to be safe for the driver, but it is not safe for other users.

More specifically, because it is made from stainless steel,

as a sort of exoskeleton, it might lack an adequate crumple zone.

With Teslas unique, heavy-duty design, many are wondering whether the truck can handle impacts if a collision occurs.

With the electric trucks debut, many are starting to question its safety and

whether or not it is even legal to be driven on public roads.

The Tesla Cybertrucks unique design is unlike anything else on the market, and CEO Elon Musk has said

that it is possible that Tesla Cybertrucks may end up being unsuccessful, but that is okay by him.

While we do not know what the final design of the Cybertruck will be,

nor do we know whether or not it will need to change further before EV enthusiasts are allowed to purchase one.

Some work on details cannot be especially significant, since a lot of people bought into

Teslas early pick-up mania (it cost just $100 to reserve one) for the way it looked so unapologetically different.