Does The 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid Need Premium Fuel?

The components in a vehicle's fuel system are made to function at their best

while utilizing a  high-octane fuel, which is why manufacturers  demand it.

 Only if your car needs higher-octane gas, like medium-grade  or premium, is the price difference worthwhile.

Although premium grade fuel may only be advised in certain circumstances

For example, Mav-trunklet trucks are made to run on mid-grade 89 RON

but since my engine has more than 150K miles on it and I am towing  during the heat,  I am using 93.

In a 2022 Ford Maverick, ordinary gas can be used, however performance might be affected when towing or driving in hotter weather.

 The 2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid achieved 30 miles per gallon in our 75 mph real-world highway fuel efficiency test, three less than the EPA's estimate.