Does The Tesla Cybertruck Fit In A Tesla Semi Container?

Teslas site does not currently let users create and customize a Cybertruck

so we will need to go with a base spec for this car.

With features such as cargo hauling, Teslas Cybertruck is becoming a perfect choice for contractors

and pickup truck owners that are really using their trucks to the fullest.

Overall, although a Tesla Cybertruck might not be an ideal fit within a Tesla Semis cargo hold

using the trailer as the solution allows both vehicles to function together seamlessly and efficiently.

Tesla enthusiast, Tesla Raj, laid out the needs in a recent video, where a Model 3 owner uses

an AR mobile app to check whether a Tesla Cybertruck will fit inside the car garage.

Also, we got serious questions on whether his highly anticipated Cybertruck pickup is fully water resistant,

particularly given Teslas well-documented issues with fit and finish.