Does The Tesla Semi Have A Transmission?

Electricity and energy are focused mostly straight on getting wheels moving, then

Tesla uses the Regenerative Power System to extend range on the new Tesla Semi trucks, not by burning electric energy.

Most of the electricity consumption would be the initial energy needed to move the wheels,

but after the truck is moved, the semi can begin producing regenerative energy to extend the trucks range.

The four electric motors on the driving axles will provide the brake power using regenerative braking almost under all conditions,

which is not something that the diesel-powered semis brake power cannot allow for so frequently.

The Tesla Semi has only one transmission, using four electrical motors operating independently to

drive the Tesla Semis rear wheels. Instead, Turn is all-electric Semi offers a drivetrain that requires no gear changes (as is common with

all-electric cars) with regenerative braking, which provides a basically unlimited life for brakes, according to Tesla.

Multiple Blue Rings
Multiple Blue Rings

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