The drivers seat is centrally located, which Tesla says allows for better overall vision from the windshield.

Tesla, however, told us that a center position is the safer location to maximize vision through long, apparently blind corners on most semi trucks.

The centered drivers seat is unusual, as most drivers seats on existing vehicles are clearly oriented left.

It is also positioned farther forward than in most trucks, as there is no engine to compete with for space.

 Rather than using a left-hand side, Tesla designed the companys heavy-duty trucks to have their steering wheels centered on the center of the cabin,

 And their touch screens placed to either side of the driver.

The sleek appearance of Teslas semi trucks is made possible by having battery packs mounted below the floor of the cabin,

 With the drivers seats mounted considerably further forward than Freightliner trucks or International trucks.

If the new images are any indication of the final iteration of the Class 8 fully electric truck,

 Teslas semi-truck production interior would have a few elements that appear to be lifted from both the new Model S and Model X,

As well as from Model 3 and Model Y.