Does the Tesla semi-truck have a sleeper?

Tesla's MY2023 VIN Decoder uncovered the "Day Cab" on the Tesla Semi Electric trucks

which normally offers shorter, lighter bodies than Sleeper Cabs and lower power consumption (through the NHTSA).

The new, reinvented Tesla Long-Range Cab was made possible by the removal of a number of conventional Semi characteristics.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made important commitments for his eagerly awaited Semi that

if kept, will put Tesla ahead of its competitors in a brand-new market.

These features would be ideal for a Tesla Semi with a longer range

enabling drivers to take brief naps while the Semi recharged at one of Tesla's forthcoming megacharger stations.

The Tesla Semi prototype has extra cameras so that Tesla may test various camera placements

and figure out the best way to use them for its collection of driver aid functions.