The Formula 1 Sprint, also known as a short race, is one of Liberty Media's

biggest bets since taking over ownership of the sport in 2017.

The gamble has clearly paid off in terms of viewership.

Short races will expand to six in 2023, but Liberty wants to change the format

They have made adjustments from the first to the second year,

but still haven't found a formula that pleases drivers and teams.

Their second season concludes on Sunday in Brazil, with three races in 2021 and another three in 2022.

It is still a little shocking, and if there are additional penalties like Carlos Sainz's five positions,

it becomes difficult to determine whether they will impact him in the short or long race.

and points as it is now, is being studied by the FIA and Liberty for next year.

There will still be six rounds and, in theory, the good things will remain. Yet they demand more.

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