For December 30, 2022, Tesla's (Tsla) stock price forecast

After trading for years at a higher multiple than Teslas (TSLA) revenue and earnings, some analysts say that

Tesla is now moving toward a range where it is becoming a value stock.

In 2020, Teslas stock price increased 695%, making Elon Musk the richest man in the world; it increased by an additional 50% in 2021.

After starting in 2023 at $1,242.02, Teslas projected share price would rise to $1,653.76 (Decembers closing price).

Since most of the major price fluctuations begin in 2020, we are going to look at events affecting prices in 2020 through 2021.

The TSLA shares stock price has shown an upward trend, therefore, we think that the market segments like this one are highly favored during the mentioned period.

Tesla stock, which has seen its stock price fall 43% in last 1 year, has lost about 34% after Twitters acquisition was announced.

Coin Price Forecast, which uses data science and self-learning machine learning technologies for stocks and

cryptocurrencies, has predicted Teslas share price to rise later this year.