Ford’S Electric F-150 Lightning Is Getting More Expensive, Again

For the second time in less than two months, Ford raised the price of its 2023 F-150 Lightning Pro on Wednesday, up to $51,974

which is a nice $10,000 increase over the original price Ford announced back in April for the Ford All-Electric F-150 Lightning.

CNBC reported earlier in the week that Ford was raising the price of the 2023 version of the popular electric Ford truck by

an additional $5,000 because of supply chain issues and rising costs.

The base price hike for the F-150 Lightning comes as Ford is expected to significantly ramp up electric pickup truck production in the new year.

This price hike, however, would affect the F-150 Lightning Pro trim only, but means that

the base level trim costs $13,795 more than the automaker advertised when it first introduced the vehicle in May of 2021.

Now, it appears the entry-level F-150 Lightnings run as the best value is up, because after raising its prices in August,

Ford is raising the prices for the least-expensive Ford F-150 Lightning Pro models once again.