Ford's electric F-150 Lightning is once again becoming more expensive.

Ford increased the price of the 2023 F-150 Lightning Pro on Wednesday for the second time in less than two months, bringing it to $51,974.

This is a good $10,000 gain over the original price Ford revealed back in April for the Ford All-Electric F-150 Lightning.

Earlier this week, CNBC reported that due to supply chain challenges and increased expenses

Ford will be increasing the price of the popular electric Ford truck for 2023 by an additional $5,000.

The F-150 Lightning's basic price increase coincides with Ford's anticipated major increase in the manufacturing of electric pickup trucks in 2019.

However, this price increase would only apply to the F-150 Lightning Pro trim, which implies that

the base trim now costs $13,795 more than what the carmaker had stated when it originally unveiled the model in May 2021.

After hiking pricing for the least costly Ford F-150 Lightning Pro models in August

it looks that the entry-level F-150 Lightnings now represent the greatest deal because of this.