Is A Fully Loaded New 2023 Tesla Model 3 Worth The Extra Cost?

A brand-new fully loaded 2023 Tesla Model 3 with the most expensive -

options including the Performance trim costs about $82,000.

Should you get a brand-new 2023 Tesla Model 3 electric car with everything?

Is the Performance trim, with its more feature choices, worth the additional price?

The Model 3 is touted by Tesla as its most widely available, affordable EV.

In light of this, the estimated $82,000 cost for a variant with all the options is

significantly more than the $46,990 cost for the Base trim without any extras.

However, it would be worthwhile to purchase a fully equipped 2023

Model 3 if you want the best-performing Model 3 with its most cutting-

edge features and have the money to do so.