Georgia runoff:  Raphael Warnock strengthened Democratic Senate majority as beat Walker 

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Republican Herschel Walker challenges the incumbent Democrat, who defeats him to win the party's 51st seat

Raphael Warnock, the Democratic incumbent, won the Georgia Senate runoff on Tuesday,

winning his first term in office and adding a 51st seat to strengthen his party's control of the chamber.

About three and a half hours after Georgia's polls closed, the Associated Press declared Warnock the winner.

He had a lead of about 40,000 votes over Herschel Walker, the Republican nominee.

Shortly after that, Warnock addressed the crowd during the celebration of his campaign's triumph.

Warnock, a pastor at the church in Atlanta where Martin Luther King Jr. often spoke,

has held one of Georgia's two Senate seats since taking the seat in a special election in 2021.

Supporters chanted, "Six more years! " when he began speaking in Atlanta. ”

When congratulating Warnock over the phone, Joe Biden referred to his victory as a