How Backlogged Is The Tesla Cybertruck?

The saga of Teslas Cybertruck is finally coming to a close, and after years of delays

but thankfully (or not), no significant re-engineering, the future-spec electric truck is being readied for production.

The Cybertruck was supposed to have been out of the gate, but Tesla delayed the project while it focused on growing Model Y production.

Today, after announcing the news, Tesla stopped accepting orders for Cybertruck outside of North America.

The delay in the Cybertruck comes on the heels of a planned launch date in 2022 that

was removed from Teslas website this month. Tesla has delayed Cybertruck production several times because

of changes in the blueprints and installation of manufacturing equipment at the Teslas new factory in Austin, Texas, where the trucks will be assembled.

Multiple Blue Rings
Multiple Blue Rings