How Can a Non-Tesla Electric Vehicle Be Charged at a Tesla Charging Station?

It is true that you may use a non-Tesla EV to charge at a Tesla charging station

 however there are restrictions and you must first purchase  the adaptor.

You may charge your Tesla on other networks, including Chargepoint, EVGO, and others, by using a J1772-to-Tesla adaptor.

 A non-Tesla driver can use the regular  12-amp plug to charge at Level 1 when  a home is new and can accommodate  the addition of a charger.

Other EVs can be charged using both the Tesla wall connector and the Tesla mobile connector by using a Tesla-to-J1772 converter.

Electric vehicle owners who struggle to locate charging facilities in their neighborhood to fill up may find some solace in Tesla.

Superchargers Due to their location on the Supercharging Network, Teslas can typically undertake longer trips thanks to superfast charging.

 You only need to turn on the stations  \button once  to make your choice, and

 then you can use a filter to only see the Supercharger network charging stations along your trip.

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