How Can I Get A Free Tesla Autopilot?

The necessary Autopilot software will be uploaded to your car when

you purchase Autopilot or full Self-Driving capabilities through your Tesla Account.

By selecting Controls > Autopilot > Request the Full Self-Driving Beta programme from

Tesla and accepting the terms and conditions, you may submit an application.

Tesla's driver-assistance feature, Autopilot, which employs sensors and cameras surrounding a car to

aid drivers in traffic, has been improved with its Full-Self-Driving Beta technology.

Although Tesla has stated multiple times that cars fitted with the FSD FSD will eventually be able to

drive themselves without the need for a driver, all of these capabilities are already completely autonomous.

Once Tesla releases a full-scale version, upgrading the Model S's cameras to the most recent model is necessary to qualify for the Beta tester FSD club.

Multiple Blue Rings
Multiple Blue Rings