How Can Tesla Afford To Sell Cybertruck For 40K Doller?

With Cybertrucks massive body and distinct angles, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said before that if sales are slow, the Cybertruck may be followed by more conventional pickup trucks.

Teslas Cybertrucks unique design immediately grabbed the headlines when it was unveiled.

CEO Elon Musk has been fairly consistent about how this fully electric pickup will be one of Teslas biggest draws so far.Glass For The Tesla Semi?

Teslas EV Cybertrucks facet-like body can be completely enclosed, and the trucks bed (dubbed a "vault" by Elon Musks team) is locked away beneath a retractable steel lid.

One of Teslas main advantages of the Tesla Electric Cybertruck, in Musks and Teslas minds, is the sheer strength and toughness of both body and windows.

During a presentation, Musk himself asked a volunteer to throw a projectile into the new car in order to test out its Tesla armor glass.

Keep in mind, CEO Elon Musk was discussing Teslas production costs (and he would later clarify his statements included effort in

making cars), rather than out-of-the-box prices for a Tesla vehicle that you might buy in the future.

In a move that was reminiscent of the last year, when Tesla was trying to ramp up Model 3 production, Musk said that he instructed his finance team to go over each cost globally.