How Much Does It Cost To Replace A 2023 Tesla Model 3 Tire ?

The tire replacement costs for a Tesla Model S will vary depending on several factors

like what kind of tires you chose and where you installed them. With this, your actual tire replacement costs will

depend on your Model 3s wheel size, what kind of tires you decide to have installed, and what brand those tires are.

In short, the tire replacement cost for the Tesla Model 3 is $285 per tire, plus the cost of installation, which is around $50 per tire.

After adding the average cost of labor and taxes, a new Tesla Model 3 tire would be $1,358.

Parts, repairs, and labor costs related to the battery system are included under the Model Xs Tesla-branded

Falcon-wing Battery Warranty Terms. To help offset the costs of repairs, Tesla offers

the extended service agreement (ESA) program for Model S and Model X vehicles.