How Do the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer Ev and Equinox Ev Differ?

similar to the electric Silverado pickup vehicle and Hummer.

GM's Ultium platform will be utilised by the new Blazer Electric.

But Chevy hasn't provided specific information on the size or mileage of its all-electric crossover SUV.

Although exact figures are still being determined, General Motors claims

that the Equinox EV's starting price will be  slightly around $30,000 is a respectable brag given the scarcity of decent EVs at this pricing.

Similar packaging on the midsize Blazer EV from 2024 would probably exclude it as a frankfurt as well.

Even lesser trims of the Blazer EV SS will be more expensive than the little 2024 Equinox EVs, despite its enormous horsepower.

Blazer EV could be a little bit simpler to manoeuvre because to the reduced anticipated size.

However, the Equinox EV's wider range and more varied powertrain options might make it more adaptable.