How Do You Charge Your Non-Tesla Ev On A Tesla Charging Station?

Tesla has allowed non-Tesla electric cars to use its Supercharger plug-ins in a handful of European cities under a limited pilot program,

 but has been silent on when charging stations  will become available for non-Tesla electric cars in the U.S.

 While Tesla owners are allowed to use its supercharging stations as normal,

non-Tesla owners will  need to download Teslas app on their phones and choose the "Charge your Non-Tesla" option

It's necessary to find an available Supercharger port in their area, according to The Verge.

 Thanks to a tweet by Elon Muskas company, which announced back in summer of 2021 that Tesla was opening up its Supercharger network to non-Tesla EVs,

 drivers of comparable EVs could soon be using Teslaas Superchargers to juice up their vehicles when needed.

Teslaas further stated Tesla offers an optional Supercharger Membership,

 which allows non-Tesla vehicles to charge at lower per-use, paid-for charging rates than they otherwise would be charged.

My guess is Tesla would charge the non-Tesla electric car owners more for each kWh in a Pay Per Use model,

 while a Supercharger membership would provide them with a  similar rate as Tesla owners, who will not need to pay the membership.

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