To locate your odometer in the Tesla Model S, you will have to swipe right over the Car icon located to the left on your Teslas touchscreen.

 You can view your odometer when driving your Tesla by swiping right on the car icon on the dashboard and scrolling down.

While it might not look obvious, you can actually access Teslas odometer for Model Y or Model 3 through the primary touchscreen.

The car symbols on the left-hand side of the touchscreen are where you will find the odometer for your Tesla Model 3 most easily.

If you are using the Tesla app on a smartphone or smartwatch, you can also access the odometer here.

There you have it, quick and easy ways to find your odometer on the Tesla Model 3, plus a couple paid options for recording trips,

should you wish to gain additional insight into your driving behaviors.

The vehicles odometer and trip tabs will show you how much power was used for each trip, along with distance traveled.

The screen will display how many miles you have driven since your last recharge, recent trips, and odometer.

 If you are looking at tire pressure or the odometer on a new user interface tab,

Teslas new media player also reverts back to the middle of the screen.