How Do You Open The Backseat Of New Tesla Model 3?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already confirmed that Teslas Model 3 takes care of its boot-opening, presumably so

that it is bigger, and we have now learned that the rear seats will be able to fold flat as well

leaving plenty of room for someone to stand up in the back (or someone to sleep).

Folding up the Model Ys backseat is as simple as pausing an Instagram video just hold down a button in the cargo area, and the backseat folds up in the front.

The ability to fold down the rear center seats adds some nice utility to the Tesla Model Y

however, you cannot ignore the supporting posts protruding out of the rear left passenger seat.

Starting in mid-October, new Model Ys coming from the Tesla Giga Shanghai manufacturing line will

come equipped with better rear seats, as well as a secondary rear-door release via hand crank.

According to documents, the redesigned Model Ys also will have manual rear door releases for emergencies.

The September Model Y lot also added a new mechanical knob to unlock doors in the event of emergencies.

Tesla has evidently added a new emergency door release handle in September-made Model Y batches,

along with an expanded larger back seat cushion. Teslas updated suspension, rear seats, and emergency rear door release.

Tesla is now making the Model Y and non-performance Model 3 cars equipped with the updated suspension, along with other improvements, ahead of 2023.