How Do You Use A Tesla Charging Station To Charge A Non-Tesla Electric Vehicle?

Under a limited experimental programme, Tesla has permitted non-Tesla electric vehicles to utilise its Supercharger plug-ins in a few European towns.

But has not stated when charging stations would be made accessible to non-Tesla electric vehicles in the United States.

Tesla owners are permitted to use the company's supercharging stations as usual,

Owners of non-Tesla vehicles must download the Tesla app to their smartphones and select the "Charge your Non-Tesla" option.

According to The Verge, drivers must locate a Supercharger outlet that is open in their neighbourhood.

Tesla's announcement that non-Tesla EVs would be able to use its Supercharger network was made public via a tweet from Elon Musk's business back in the summer of 2021.

The Tesla Supercharger network may soon be used by owners of comparable EVs to recharge their vehicles on demand.

 the average sales price of the Model 3 is higher than that of the Audi, BMW, and Mercedes.

Moreover, Tesla provides an optional Supercharger Membership.

allowing non-Tesla vehicles to charge at less expensive per-use, paid charging rates than they otherwise would be charged.

In a Pay Per Use arrangement, I would venture that Tesla will charge owners of electric vehicles other than its own more money per kWh.

While a Supercharger membership would provide them access to rates comparable to Tesla owners,

 who will not be required to pay the membership fee, they would also receive more frequent Superchargers.

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