How Does A Tesla Model X's Odometer Work?

You must swipe right over the Car icon on the Tesla Model S's touchscreen in order to access the odometer. The icon is on the left.

Swiping right on the car symbol on the dashboard and scrolling down will allow you to see your odometer while operating your Tesla.

You can actually access Tesla's odometer for the Model Y or Model 3  through the main touchscreen, despite the fact that it may not seem clear.

The odometer for your Tesla Model 3 may be found most conveniently under the automobile symbols on the touchscreen's left side.

The odometer is also accessible from this page if you are using the Tesla app on a smartphone or wearable.

Here are some quick and simple methods for checking the Tesla Model 3's odometer, along with a few extras that are available for purchase for logging journeys.

in case you want to learn more about your driving habits.

You can see the amount of electricity consumed per trip as well as the distance travelled on the vehicle's trip tabs and odometer.

Your recent journeys, recent trips' mileage, and odometer will all be shown on the screen.

On a new user interface tab, if you are viewing tyre pressure or the odometer,

Also returning to the centre of the screen is  Tesla's new media player.

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