How Does The New Tesla Model 3's Back Seat Open?

Elon Musk has already stated that the Model 3's boot opening is taken care of, presumably to make it larger.

Now, we know that the rear seats will also be able to fold flat,

providing plenty of space for a person to stand up in the back .

Holding down a button in the cargo area causes the Model Y's backseat to

fold up in the front of the vehicle as easily as pausing an Instagram video.

The Tesla Model Y has some good utility thanks to the ability of the rear center seats to be folded down

but you cannot overlook the supporting columns sticking out of the rear left passenger seat.

Better rear seats and a secondary rear-door release by hand crank will be included on

new Model Ys leaving the Tesla Giga Shanghai production line starting in mid-October.

The revamped Model Ys will reportedly also have manual rear door releases for emergencies.

Additionally, a new mechanical knob to unlock doors in an emergency was introduced to the September Model Y lot.

In batches of the Model Y built in September, Tesla apparently installed a

new emergency door release handle as well as a larger back seat cushion.