How Does The Tesla Semi Truck Deliver On A Two-Year Payback Period Promise?

Although the fully  electric car may seem  pricey,  company leaders claim

that it will save more than $200,000 in fuel  over a two-year period.

The website for Tesla  claims that the annual fuel savings amount to more  than $200,000

 more than compensating  for the vehicle's higher  initial cost.

The Semi, according to  Tesla, is 2.5 times more economical to fill up than diesel vehicles

 and owners may save $200,000  in gasoline over the first three years of ownership.

Tesla predicts that  operators will save about $200,000 over the  course of three years

because the cost  per mile for electric  power is 2.5 times lower.

Tesla might save $50,000 in fuel costs each year if the SEmi truck covers 80,000 to 100,000 miles yearly.

When you consider  how little maintenance EVs need over the course of their lives,

even the higher Tesla Semi price—which is predicted to start at $180,000—becomes meaningless.

However, there is  more going on than  just that.

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