How Does The  Tesla Semi Truck  Promise  A Two-Year Payback Period?

The fully electric truck might seem pricey, but company officials say

 that truck can deliver more than  $200,000 in fuel savings with two years to pay off.

Teslas website claims that the fuel savings are more than $200,000,

making Teslas higher up-front cost  worthwhile in the life of the vehicle.

Teslas also claims the Semi is 2.5 times cheaper to fill up when compared with diesel trucks

 and could deliver fuel savings of $200,000 in the first three years of ownership.

Tesla estimates  operators will save about $200,000 in three years

as the cost per  mile is 2.5 times cheaper  with electric power.

Tesla could save $50,000 per year on fuel  costs if the SEmi truck drives between  80,000 and  100,000 miles per year.

Even the higher  Tesla Semi price, expected to start at $180,000, becomes  a moot point considering

that EVs require much less maintenance during their lifespan. But there is more going on than just that.

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