How Long Can You Drive A Semi Per Day?

Hours-of-service regulations set limits for how many hours truck drivers are allowed to work, when and how the

driver is supposed to take breaks, and the total number of hours the driver is allowed to work before they have to take the day off.

Once a truck driver has spent 11 hours behind the wheel of a semi-truck, they must stop driving for a minimum of 10 hours straight of rest.

Once that cap is reached, a mandatory 34 consecutive hours of off-duty time must pass before drivers are allowed to

start the time calculations all over again. At a limit of 14 hours, however, drivers may not continue driving, and

must complete 10 hours off-duty time before starting another time frame. Drivers are required to take 30 minutes of

rest whenever they drive 8 cumulative hours with at least 30 minutes break. Among the various types of drivers,

there are special rules for cargo drivers, who may travel fewer hours each day without taking breaks,

and still more differences for passenger-carrying drivers, who dictate which rules they should obey.

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