How Long Do Tesla Semi Drivers Sleep?

Elon Musk initially announced this in a tweet which received significant attention, however,

a lack of context led to debates on the internet about whether or not a Tesla Semi would be able to travel this distance with just one battery charge.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed the electric Semi will be $20 per mile (12 cents per km) cheaper to run than the diesel truck

when charged at the megacharger, which Tesla will warrant for a cost of $7 per kilowatt-hour (in the US).

Because his Semi truck does not have multi-gear transmissions like diesel trucks, he said, it is also far easier to

drive than other semi trucks. Musk said his heavy-duty trucks would also give truckers the performance specs of the BAMF,

with acceleration and speed, as well as 500 miles per charge, cheaper operating costs compared with a standard diesel truck.

As for going uphill at full load, the diesel trucks currently get a top speed of

45 miles per hour on a 5% grade; his Semi will hit 65 miles per hour on that same grade.

Multiple Blue Rings
Multiple Blue Rings

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