How Long Does It Take To Charge A Tesla Roadster?

Tesla has said the Tesla Roadster will be capable of a 1000km (620 miles) range with just one charge, driving on the highway.

For instance, an older Tesla Roadster would need more time to recharge than the Tesla Model S. Incidentally

the Tesla Model S has one of the longest ranges out of all electric cars on the market, with a range of 405 miles.

Remember, charging a Tesla with just 30 amps takes double the time -- 40 hours -- and

then 100 amps takes just four hours, but requires 150% more power than the average household outlet.

Using either Level 1 or Level 2 charging for home charging your Tesla would cost around $15-18, based on a $0.14/kWh average.

For a Roadster, this is roughly one hour and forty minutes from full Standard Mode charging to full Range Mode

charging (and longer if starting under 10% range).

The Tesla Roadster claims that the time to go 0-400m (0-1/ 4 mi) would be 8.88 seconds, and that the top speed would be over 400 km/h (250 mph).