How Long Does It Take To Fuel A Semi Truck Fully?

Semi trucks can travel approximately 2,100 miles on one single tank of

diesel (usually non-gasoline) fuel, assuming tanks are 300 gallons in total,

with an average fuel economy of seven miles per gallon.

A larger truck (a semi-tractor) may carry 300+ gallons of diesel in so-called saddle tanks (150 gallons each, one each side of the tractor).

Long-haul diesel trucks may go for 1,000 miles before having to fill the tanks, which takes 10-15 minutes to refill.

With a little easy math, 34 gallons*$4.99 is $169.76 in fuel costs for an average diesel truck.

A truck with a single 120-gallon tank could go about 600 miles, assuming fuel economy at 6 MPG.

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