How Long Will A Tesla Model X Battery Last?

Unless the battery is defective or you have suffered real damages,

 the Model S- This battery should be good for about 450,000 miles over the 8-year warranty period.

 In the real world, Tesla claims that a battery in either the top-of-the-line Tesla Model S or Model X

It will maintain 90 percent capacity on average over 200,000 miles.

 In the 2020 Impact Report by Tesla, they stated their average battery will still have around 90 percent of its initial capacity after 200,000 miles .

Over years, the Model S has shown a battery degradation rate below 20% at 300,000 miles,

 according to Tesla owners reported to Plug-In America (2012-2019 production years).

With the update of the Tesla warranty at the beginning of this year, Tesla now covers all battery capacity degradation on all its vehicles,

It capped at 70% capacity, for up to 8 years, or 100,000-150,000 miles depending on model.

 The average person drives 273 miles per week, so you can expect the Tesla battery to last between 21 and 35 years depending on driving habits.