How long will it take to get a brand-new Kia Telluride?

Due to COVID-related delays, as well as the fact that Kia Mountaintop has moved models up to 2022,

that time frame has stretched out to 10 months, and we only picked up the Kia Forte this past week.

Us ordering a Telluride was a long process, but we were ready to wait for our desired vehicle.

Since the automaker is ramping up production for a refreshed Kia Telluride for 2023, getting a 2023 might prove easier.

Manufacturers must begin playing a larger role in the climate crisis,

and SUVs such as the new 2022 Kia Telluride are not looking great for the sector.

Kia has a couple of readily recommended 3-row SUVs in the lineup in Telluride and recently-redesigned,

smaller Sorento, which both meet value, quality, and innovation benchmarks.

Kia is rolling out two new models, as well as a few big new features to the Telluride

that make it not only a great value, but also a luxurious bargain.