How many hours a day can a semi be driven?

The amount of hours truck drivers may work, when and how they must take breaks,

 and how many hours they may work in total before needing to take the day off are all subject to hours-of-service laws.

A truck driver is required to take a minimum of 10 hours off from driving after 11 hours spent operating a semi-truck.

Once that limit is reached, drivers are not permitted to begin the time calculations again until 34 hours of uninterrupted off-duty time have passed.

However, after 14 hours, drivers are not permitted  to continue operating a  motor vehicle

 and must first spend 10 hours off-duty before beginning another time period.

Every time a driver drives for 8 hours in total with a break of at least 30 minutes, they must take a 30-minute break.

 There are different laws for different categories of drivers,

 such as freight drivers, who may drive for less hours each day without stopping,

and passenger-carrying drivers, who have additional requirements that must be followed.