How Much Can The 2022 Dodge Ram 2500 Tow?

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If your trailer has a gross weight rating of 16,001 pounds or more, you will need to

be licensed as a commercial driver in order to pull it behind the Dodge Ram 2500.

Because a GVWR rating of 10 is 10,000 pounds, you need a CDL

if you are towing a trailer that has a GVWR above 16,000.

The first and most important factor affecting towing capability for

any specific configuration of a Dodge Ram 2500 is the choice of motor.

The top towing capacities for Dodge Ram 2500 series can be divided in

two groups according to the engine choice, since this makes the biggest difference.

In addition to the 5-wheel/gooseneck prep groups, Dodge Ram 2500s can be equipped with

several other independent accessories parts to facilitate towing.