How Much Does A Tesla Battery Weigh?

Tesla batteries are surprising heavy, especially when  compared with batteries found in ICE cars.

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 The Tesla Model S comes with various battery sizes, like 60, 70, 75, 80, 90kWh, etc.

 An EV with a larger (like a 90kWh) battery would be heavier to handle, compared with an ICE vehicle.

 Since we already  know the weights of the batteries in different models, calculating the weights of all of those models is easier

 when we subtract each Teslas battery  weight from its curb weight.

With structural batteries, Tesla will be able to retain weight at the level of the car's construction,

resulting in a substantially better energy density at the level of the  automobile.

The typical lithium-ion battery weighs 17 pounds of lithium for every kWh,

 but the battery pack for Tesla's 70 kWh car may weigh as much as 138 pounds of lithium.

 Although the weight of a Tesla's first electric semi truck without its trailer is unknown, the vehicle's battery pack  may weigh up to 11,000 pounds,

which would quickly exceed the 80,000-pound maximum gross weight for an 8-wheel-drive class-A truck.

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