How Much Does A Tesla Cost On Your Electric Bill?

To get the exact cost per kWh, take the total electricity bill value from the previous month and divide it by kWh used,

which takes all of the fees and charges associated with getting power to your house.

 Using this same information on average per-kWh charges for residential use,

we can work out what the battery charging costs for the Tesla Model S will be between 0% and 100%.

Based on national average electricity costs of 15.42 cents per kWh, and adding 15% to account for the home chargers inefficiency,

 it will cost $8.82 to $17.65 for the Tesla to charge from 0% to 100%.

Moving to Teslas less-expensive range, a 50-kWh battery on a Standard Range Plus Model 3 will cost around $11.47 to charge completely,

 and an 82-kWh battery in another trim will run you around $18.82 per.

 The cost to charge up completely depends on model and battery capacity, but using an average price in the US of $0.14 per kWh,

 Electrek calculated most models will cost $4 to $5 to recharge to 100 miles, provided that you are charging at home.

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