Tesla Sponsors Childrens Model S Drive

Meanwhile, Tesla is sponsoring test-drive events of the Pint-Sized Model S on May 21-22 in its stores across the country,

allowing moms and dads to check out full-size Model Ss and Model Xs with ease.

In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on what one of these dense cells is capable of doing on the icy Michigan highway,

packed into place of a Tesla Model S battery.

The Tesla Model S for Kids (clever name, to be sure) keeps the electric car roots alive while packing Flight Speeds lithium-ion battery technology.

You may already know I own my own Tesla Model 3 for more than a year, so when my kids asked for an EV for Christmas,I knew that was the one to get, a Tesla Model S.

Electric cars are so easy, fluid, and simple to operate, there is really no distinction between what our 2-year-old daughter

and 4 year-old daughter can already do with their mini-Tesla Model S, and one day they will do with an actual vehicle.

One man bought his daughter a mini Model S to give her a first lesson on driving electric, all the while saving to one day get his own Tesla.

At least one anti-Tesla enthusiast did an anti-comparison test,

showing that the Tesla Model 3 stopped short of hitting both the dummy of the same size and the actual baby.

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