How Much Does A Tesla Model S Ac Induction Motor Cost?

With Model S and Model X, Tesla used induction-driven, AC electric motors for years

but Tesla switched to permanent magnet motors in 2017, with the introduction of the Model 3.

Tesla, for instance, used alternating current (AC) induction motors for Model S performances

but used permanent magnet direct current (DC) motors for its Model 3. The Model 3 debuted with a different motor technology,

which Tesla calls the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance Motor. Nikola Tesla invented an induction motor that

had rotating magnetic fields, which made drive units viable for machines, and made the transfer of electric current to AC an economic necessity.

The type of magnets commonly used in electric motors are what are called rare-earth magnets, and they are fairly powerful.

Permanent magnet motors do not require current passing through the rotor to produce the electric field

so the loss of heat in the rotor is minimized, with the less heat produced in the twisted stator.

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