How Much Does A Tesla Semi Tire Replacement Cost?

Two versions of Tesla's first semi truck were produced: one with a 5000-mile range

and a price of $180,000, and the other with a 300-mile range and a price of $150,000.

Tesla said that a Tesla Semi will cost between $150,000 and $200,000, depending on the model,

however it is anticipated that the price has increased by $150 during the previous five years.

Although the price of batteries is falling quickly, Tesla is still estimating that its 300-mile Semi model would cost $150,000 when it first goes on sale.

Compared to long-haul diesel trucks, which are estimated to cost $1.51 per mile, the Tesla Semi trucks will cost $1.26 per mile, according to the firm.

In contrast, depending on typical power prices in the United States

the Tesla Semi would use less than 2kwh of electricity every mile, or about 26 cents.

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